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th of Center.
TRG REPUBLIKE ‘Republic Sq’ is Center’s main plaza.
Unfortunately, it is basically a car park dominated by a pair of glowering, grey tower blocks – TR3, housing offices and embassies, and the headquarters of Nova Ljubljanska Banka – and a couple of garish revolutionary monuments.
HISTORIC BUILDING Parliament Building Offline map Google map ( to arrange a tour 478 97 88; www.dz-rs.
si; ?ubi?eva ulica 4; tours by prior arrangement) The renovated parliament building, built between 1954 and 1959 at the northeast corner of the square, is no beauty-pageant winner on the outside but the mammoth portal festooned with bronze sculptures is noteworthy.
If you can time it right, it’s worth booking a guided tour to see the inside, especially the period-piece mural by Slavko Pengov.
Cankarjev Dom CULTURAL CENTRE Offline map Google map ( 241 71 00; www.cd-cc.
si; Pre?ernova cesta 10) The city’s premier cultural and conference centre squats behind the TR3 building to the southwest.
Ferant Garden HISTORIC REMNANTS Offline map Google map ( 241 25 06; Erjav?eva cesta 18; by appointment Apr-Oct) Behind Cankarjev Dom is this garden, with the remains of an early Christian church porch and baptistery with mosaics from the 4th century visible from the locked gate.
To visit you must first contact the City Museum.
Opposite and to the west of the Cankarjev Dom are the remains of a Roman wall (Offline map Google map) dating from 14–15 AD.
MUSEUM AREA Four of Ljubljana’s most important museums are located in this area, which is only a short distance to the northwest of Trg Republike.
National Museum of Slovenia MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Narodni Muzej Slovenije; 241 44 00; www.nms.
si; Pre?ernova cesta 20; adult/child 3/2.
50, free 1st Sun of month; 10am-6pm Fri-Wed, 10am-8pm Thu) Highlights include a highly embossed Va?e situla , a Celtic pail from the late 6th century BC unearthed in a town east of Ljubljana, and a Stone Age bone flute discovered near Cerkno in western Slovenia in 1995.
There are also examples of Roman glass and jewellery found in 6th-century Slavic graves, along with many other historical finds.
Check out the ceiling fresco in the foyer, which features an allegorical Carniola surrounded by important Slovenes from the past and the statues of the Muses and Fates relaxing on the stairway banisters.
Slovenian Museum of Natural History MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Prirodoslovni Muzej Slovenije; 241 09 40; www2.
si; Pre?ernova cesta 20; adult/ student 3/2.
50, incl National Museum 5/4; 10am-6pm Fri-Wed, 10am-8pm Thu) Housed in the same impressive building as the National Museum, the Natural History Museum contains the usual reassembled mammoth and whale skeletons, stuffed birds, reptiles and mammals.
However, the mineral collections amassed by the philanthropic Baron ?iga Zois in the early 19th century and the display on Slovenia’s unique salamander Proteus anguinus ( Click here ) are worth a visit.
National Gallery MUSEUM Offline map Google map ( 241 54 18; www.ng-slo.
si; Pre?ernova cesta 24; adult/child 7/5, free 1st Sun of month; 10am-6pm Tue-Sun) Slovenia’s foremost assembly of fine art is housed over two floors in an old building dating to 1896 and an impressive modern wing.
Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art MUSEUM Offline map Google map ( 241 68 00; www.mg-lj.
si; Tom?i?eva ulica 14; adult/student 5/2.
50; 10am-6pm Tue-Sun) This museum houses the very best in Slovenian modern art.
Keep an eye out for works by painters Tone Kralj (Peasant Wedding) , the expressionist France Miheli? (The Quintet) and the surrealist ?tefan Planinc ( Primeval World series) as well as sculptors such as Jakob Savin?ek (Protest) .
The museum also owns works by the influential 1980s and ’90s multimedia group Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK; Suitcase for Spiritual Use: Baptism under Triglav ) and the artists’ cooperative Irwin (Kapital) .
Neboti?nik HISTORIC BUILDING Offline map Google map (Skyscraper; www.neboticnik.
si; ?tefanova ulica 1; 9am-2am Sun-Wed, 9am- 3am Thu-Sat) Along busy Slovenska cesta is the impressive art-deco Neboti?nik, designed by Vladimir ?ubi? (1933).
At nine storeys, this was Ljubljana’s tallest building for decades after it was built.
After languishing for years, it has now been renovated and houses a popular rooftop restaurant and cafe , with amazing views on all sides.
Serbian Orthodox Church CHURCH Offline map Google map (Srbska Pravoslavna Cerkev; www.spco-lj.
si; Pre?ernova cesta; 9am-noon & 2-6pm Tue-Sun) The interior of the Serbian Orthodox Church, built in 1936 and dedicated to Sts Cyril and Methodius, is covered from floor to ceiling with colourful modern frescoes.
There is a richly carved iconostasis separating the nave from the sanctuary.
SLOVENIAN HERITAGE If you are searching for your Slovenian roots, check first with the mestna ob?ina (municipal government office) or ob?ina (county office); they usually have birth and death certificates going back a century.
Vital records beyond the 100-year limit are kept at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia .
Ethnic Slovenes living abroad might be interested in contacting the Slovenian Emigrants Centre (Slovenska Izseljenska Matica; 241 02 80; www.zdruzenje-sim.
si; 2nd fl, Cankarjeva cesta 1; by appointment).
PARK TIVOLI This enormous, 510-hectare park is Ljubljana’s leafy playground and the perfect spot for a walk or bike ride.
The park was laid out in 1813.
One of the highlights is the Jakopi?evo sprehajali??e , the monumental ‘Jakopi? Promenade’, designed by Ple?nik in the 1920s and ’30s.
International Centre of Graphic Arts MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Mednarodni Grafi?ni Likovni Center; www.mglc-lj.
si; Pod Turnom 3; adult/senior & student 3.
70, at biennial 6/3; 11am-6pm Tue-Sun) This museum and gallery dedicated to the graphic arts regularly hosts rotating exhibitions and is home to the International Biennial of Graphic Arts every odd- numbered year.
The centre is located in the 17th-century Tivoli Mansion Offline map Google map (Grad Tivoli) and has a delightful terrace cafe (open from 10am to 5pm) with views over the park.
Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Muzej Novej?e Zgodovine Slovenije; www.muzej-nz.
si; Celov?ka cesta 23; adult/student 3.
50; 10am-6pm Tue-Sat) This museum, housed in the 18th-century Cekin Mansion (Grad Cekinov), traces the history of Slovenia in the 20th century through multimedia and artefacts.
Note the contrast between the sober earnestness of the communist-era rooms and the exuberant, logo-mad commercialism of the industrial exhibits.
The sections focusing on Ljubljana under occupation during WWII are very effective.
Ljubljana Zoo ZOO (?ivalski Vrt Ljubljana; www.zoo-ljubljana.
si; Ve?na pot 70; adult/child 7/5; 9am-7pm May-Aug, 9am-6pm Apr & Sep, 9am-5pm Mar & Oct, 9am-4pm Nov- Feb) The 20-hectare zoo, on the southern slope of Ro?nik Hill (394m), contains some 500 animals representing almost 120 species and is an upbeat and well- landscaped menagerie.
There’s a petting zoo and lots of other activities for children; consult the website for feeding schedules.
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