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oured variant on cheesecake and a Balearic Islands speciality) is inventive and superb value.
As anindication of its credentials, S’Ametller also offers cookery courses – including onethat imparts the secrets of that flaó .
La Brasa GRILL Offline map Google map ( 971 30 12 02; Carrer Pere Sala 3; mains 18-25) La Brasa’s forte is its quality fish and meat, sizzled over charcoal.
Another strong feature is its garden, shaded byvines, palms and banana trees and adorned with bursts of bougainvillea.
Croissant Show CAFE Offline map Google map ( 971 31 76 65; Pla?a de la Constitució; 6am-11pm) Opposite the foodmarket, this is where everyone goes for an impressive range of pastries and otherpost-partying breakfast goodies.
It is quite a scene all on its own.
Drinking & Entertainment Sa Penya is the nightlife centre.
Dozens of bars keep the port area jumping fromsunset until the early hours.
Alternatively, various bars at Platja d’en Bossa combinesounds, sand and sea with sangria and other tipples.
After they wind down, you cancontinue at one of the island’s world-famous nightclubs.
Discobus (www.discobus.es; per person 3; midnight-6am Jun-Sep) runsaround the major discos, bars and hotels in Ibiza City, Platja d’en Bossa, Sant Rafel,Es Canar, Santa Eulària and Sant Antoni.
Bars & Clubs Carrer de Barcelona, which runs parallel with the harbour, is lined with high-energybars.
Most have tall tables on the street and pump out loud music.
Touts do theirdamnedest to ‘invite’ passers-by to join them for a drink, sometimes with the lure ofdiscounted passes to the clubs.
All open nightly from early evening until 3am or4am May to September.
Those along Carrer de Garijo Cipriano are a little less inyour face.
KM5 BAR(www.km5-lounge.com; Carretera de Sant Josep, Km5.
6; 8pm-4am May-Sep)This bar, named after its highway location, is where you go to glam it up.
Head outof town towards Sant Josep and dance in the gardens as you gear up for the clubs.
Lounging is the second major activity and there are plenty of pillows strewn aboutthe tents.
Teatro Pereira MUSIC BAR Offline map Google map (www.teatropereyra.com; Carrer del Comte de Rosselló 3; 8am-4am) Awayfrom the waterfront hubbub, this hugely atmospheric time warp of a place, which isall stained wood and iron girders, was once the foyer of the long- abandoned 1893theatre at its rear.
It’s packed most nights with a more eclectic crowd than the standard preclubbing bunch, and it offers nightly live-music sessions.
By day, it’s astylish place for a drink or snack.
Lola’s Club BAR Offline map Google map (C Alfonso XII 10; 1-6am) Anyone who remembers Ibiza in the ’80s will havefond memories of Lola’s Club, one of the first on the island.
It’s still a hip miniclub,nowadays with a gay leaning.
Right beside it, Lolita Offline map Google map ( 7pm-3am) , a sparky little terrace in its own right, is a great spot for a drink beforeclimbing the stairs to join her bigger sister.
Bora Bora Beach Club BAR(www.boraborabrazil.com; noon-4am May-Sep) At Platja d’en Bossa, about2km from the old town, this is the place – a long beachside bar where sun and funworshippers work off hangovers and prepare new ones.
Entry’s free and the ambience is chilled, with low-key club sounds wafting over the sand.
From midnight, everyone crowds inside.
It’s off Carrer del Fumarell.
CLUBBING ON IBIZA From late May to the end of September, the west of the island is one big, continuous dance party from sunset to sunrise and back again.
Entrepreneurs have built an amazing collection of clubs here – huge, throbbing temples to which thousands of disciples flock to pay homage to the gods of hedonism.
In 2011 the International Dance Music Awards quoted four Ibiza clubs – Amnesia, Pacha, Space and Privilege – among their worldwide top eight.
The major clubs operate nightly from around 1am to 6am.
Each has something different to offer.
Theme nights, fancy-dress parties and foam parties are regular features.
Some places go a step or two further, with go-go girls (and boys), striptease acts and even live sex as the (ahem) climax.
Entertainment Ibiza-style doesn’t come cheaply.
Admission can cost anything from 25 to 60 (mixed drinks and cocktails then go for around 10 to 15).
If you hang out around the right bars in Sa Penya, you might score a flier that entitles you to discounted admission handed out by sometimes scantily clad club promoters and touts – if they think you’ve got the look.
Space (www.space-ibiza.es; admission 29-60; Jun–mid-Oct) In Platja d’en Bossa, aptly named Space, which can pack in as many as 40 DJs and up to 12,000 clubbers, is considered one of the world’s best night clubs.
Action here starts mid-afternoon and regular daytime boats make the trip between Platja d’en Bossa and Ibiza City (6 return).
Pacha (www.pacha.com; admission 23-57; nightly Jun-Sep, Fri & Sat Oct-May) In business on the northern side of Ibiza City’s port since 1973, Pacha has 15 bars (!) and various dance spaces that can hold 3000 people.
The main dance floor, a sea of colour, mirror balls and veils draped from the ceiling, heaves to deep techno.
On the terrace, sounds are more gentle and relaxing.
Amnesia (www.amnesia.es; admission 40-65; early Jun-Sep) Four kilometres out on the road to Sant Rafel, it has a sound system that seems to give your body a massage.
A huge glasshouse-like internal terrace, filled with palms and bars, surrounds the central dance area with a seething mass of mostly tireless 20-something dancers.
It gets heated in here, so every now and then icy air is pumped through.
Es Paradis (www.esparadis.com; Carrer de Salvador Espriu 2, Sant Antoni; admission 15-33; mid-May–Sep) This club boasts an amazing sound system, fountains and an outdoor feel (there’s no roof, but then it doesn’t rain in summer anyway).
It’s one of the prettiest of the macro-clubs, with loads of marble, a glass pyramid and plenty of greenery.
Queues can be enormous, so get there early.
Es Paradis is known for its water parties, when the dance floor is flooded.
Privilege (www.privilegeibiza.com; admission around 40) Five kilometres along the road to Sant Rafel, this club, with its 20 bars, interior pool and capacity for 10,000 clubbers, claims to be one of the world’s largest.
The main domed dance temple is an enormous, pulsating area, where the DJ’s cabin is suspended above the pool.
Gay & Lesbian Venues The gay scene is based towards the east end of Sa Penya, particularly along the farend of Carrer de la Mare de Déu and around Carrer de Santa Llúcia.
Many of thebig clubs have special gay nights.
Check out www.gayibiza.net.
Angelo GAY Offline map Google map (www.angeloibiza.com; Carrer de Santa Llúcia 12) In the shadow of the old citywalls, Angelo is a busy gay bar with several levels.
The atmosphere is relaxed andheteros wind up here too.
Nearby are a handful of other gay-leaning bars, such asthe slicker Soap Offline map Google map (Carrer de Santa Llúcia 12) .
Anfora GAY Offline map Google map (www.disco-anfora.com; Carrer Sant Carles 7; admission 12-17; May-Oct)Seemingly dug out of walls of rock, this is probably the best-known gay dancehaunt high up D’Alt Vila.
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