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s Boat Club (see 89) Sleeping 17 Amistad Hotel D3 18Backstage Hotel C3 19Between Art & Kitsch B&B E6 20Bicycle Hotel Amsterdam F7 21Cocomama G5 22Collector C6 23College Hotel D7 24 Conscious Hotels Museum Square C6 25easyHotel F7 26Flynt B&B C3 27 Golden Bear D3 28Hotel Aalders D5 29Hotel de Filosoof A4 30Hotel de L'Europe F2 31Hotel Fita C5 32Hotel Freeland C3 33Hotel Orlando G4 34Hotel Piet Hein C5 35Hotel Prinsenhof G4 36Hotel Résidence Le Coin F2 37Hotel V G5 38Hotel Vondel C4 39Hotel Zandbergen A6 40International Budget Hostel D3 41Owl Hotel C4 42Seven Bridges G3 43Seven One Seven D3 44 Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark C4 45Van Gogh Hostel & Hotel C5 Eating 46Bazar Amsterdam F6 47Beulings E2 48Blue Pepper C3 49Bouchon du Centre G4 50Burgermeester E6 51Café Toussaint C3 52De Peper A5 53De Waaghals E6 54 FEBO D3 55Firma Pekelhaaring H7 56Hap Hmm C3 57La Falote D7 58Le Zinc…et les Autres F4 59Loekie G3 60Loetje D7 61Mamouche F6 62Maoz F2 63Op de Tuin G7 64Piet de Leeuw F4 65Restaurant Elements D7 66Segugio G4 67Taart van m'n Tante F6 68Tempo Doeloe G3 69Van Dobben F3 70Vleminckx F2 Drinking 71 Bulldog D3 72Café Berkhout F5 73Café de Groene Vlinder F6 74Café de Jaren F2 75Café de Spuyt E4 76Café Vertigo B4 77 Dampkring E2 78De Kroon G2 79De Pieper D3 80Door 74 F3 81Eijlders D3 82 Katsu F6 83Kingfisher E6 84 Montmartre G2 85 Vivelavie G2 86Welling C6 Entertainment 87Air G3 88Badcuyp G6 89 Boom Chicago & Chicago Social Club D3 90Concertgebouw C6 91Jazz Café Alto D3 92Melkweg D3 93Muziektheater G2 94Openluchttheater B5 95Paradiso D4 96Pathé Tuschinskitheater F2 97Stadsschouwburg D3 98Studio 80 G2 99Sugar Factory D3 Uitburo (see 97) Shopping Ajax Experience Store (see 1) 100Apple Store D3 101Concerto G3 102Eduard Kramer E4 103Fietsfabriek E5 104Heineken City Store G2 105 Museum Shop at the Museumplein D5 106Pied à Terre B4 Stadsboekwinkel (see 12) 107Young Designers United E2 Information VVV Leidseplein Office (see 97) Museum Van Loon MUSEUM Offline map Google map ( 624 52 55; www.museumvanloon.nl; Keizersgracht 672; adult/child 8/4; 11am-5pm Wed-Mon; 16/24/25 Keizersgracht) Arguably the best of the canal-house museums, this 1672 mansion was first home to painter Ferdinand Bol.
In the 19th century the Van Loon family (descendants of Willem van Loon, cofounder of the Dutch East India Company) moved in, and they still occupy the upper floors.
Take your time wandering through the shadowy rooms adorned with rich wallpaper, worn carpets and well-used Louis XV furniture.
HISTORICAL ARCHIVE Stadsarchief Offline map Google map (Municipal Archives; 251 15 11; www.stadsarchief.
amsterdam.nl; Vijzelstraat 32; 10am-5pm Tue-Fri, noon-5pm Sat & Sun) The Amsterdam archives occupy a monumental bank building that dates from 1923.
When you step inside, head to the left to the enormous tiled basement vault and displays of archive gems such as the 1942 police report on Anne Frank’s bike theft.
Well- done temporary exhibits fill the gallery space upstairs; sometimes these have an entry fee (up to 6).
Kattenkabinet MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Cats Cabinet; 626 53 78; www.kattenkabinet.nl; Herengracht 497; adult/child 6/3; 10am-4pm Mon-Fri, noon-5pm Sat & Sun; 4/16/24/25 Keizersgracht) The offbeat Kattenkabinet devotes its Golden Bend real estate to cat-related art.
A Picasso drawing, kitschy kitty lithographs and odd pieces of ephemera like a cat pinball machine cram the creaky old canal house.
A few happy live felines lounge around on the window seats.
Museum Willet-Holthuysen MUSEUM Offline map Google map ( 523 18 22; www.willetholthuysen.nl; Herengracht 605; adult/child 8/free; 10am -5pm Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm Sat & Sun; 4/9/14 Rembrandtplein) This mansion has been a museum since 1895, when a wealthy widow gave the city her home and her husband’s assorted treasures – furniture, paintings and loads of 18th-century china.
It’s a bit fussier than nearby Museum Van Loon, but the objets are lovely.
The 3rd-floor ‘collection room’ impresses with its stained glass and red velvet wallpaper.
Tassenmuseum Hendrikje MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Museum of Bags & Purses; 524 64 52; www.tassenmuseum.nl; Herengracht 573; adult/child 8.
50/free; 10am-5pm; 4/9/14 Rembrandtplein) Dedicated entirely to handbags, this chic canal-house museum is surprisingly interesting even for nonfashionistas.
You’ll find everything from a crumpled 16th- century goatskin pouch to dainty art deco and design classics by Chanel, Gucci and Versace.
Even if you don’t see the ’80s touch-tone phone bag, the 17th-century interiors (and the tearoom’s fragrant cake aromas) are worth the entrance price.
Golden Bend ARCHITECTURE Offline map Google map (Gouden Bocht; Herengracht, btwn Leidsestraat & Vijzelstraat) During the Golden Age, the Golden Bend was the ‘it’ spot, where the wealthiest Amsterdammers lived, loved and ruled their affairs.
Look up at the mansions as you walk along the Herengracht.
Many date from the 1660s, and thanks to some lobbying at city hall, the gables here were allowed to be twice as wide as the standard Amsterdam model.
Reguliersgracht CANAL Offline map Google map The Reguliersgracht, aka the canal of seven bridges, is especially romantic in the evening when its humpbacked arches glow with tiny white lights.
To get the money shot, stand with your back to the Thorbeckeplein, with the Herengracht flowing directly in front of you to the left and right.
Lean over the bridge and look straight ahead down the Reguliersgracht.
Ahhh… Magere Brug BRIDGE Offline map Google map (Skinny Bridge; btwn Kerkstraat & Nieuwe Kerkstraat) The undeniably picturesque Skinny Bridge is the site of many a Dutch wedding photo.
Dating from the 1670s, the nine-arched structure has been rebuilt several times in both concrete and timber.
It’s still operated by hand and remains photogenic even at night, when 1200 twinkling lights make the bridge look like a Christmas confection.
Ajax Experience MUSEUM Offline map Google map (www.ajaxexperienceamsterdam.com; Utrechtsestraat 9; adult/child 17.
50; 11am-7pm) Amsterdam’s beloved football club has a museum on the Rembrandtplein geared mostly to youth and diehard fans.
The interactive high-tech exhibits let you practise dribbling for speed and kicking for accuracy.
You even get an automated pep talk from coach Frank de Boer in the reconstructed Ajax locker room.
Displays have famous jerseys, trophies and other memorabilia as well.
OLD SOUTH Often called the Museum Quarter, the Old South (Oud Zuid) holds the top-draw Van Gogh, Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum collections.
They cluster around the Museumplein, a grassy, people-filled square that entertains with its skateboard ramp, ice-skating pond (in winter) and I amsterdam sculpture (everyone’s favourite photo opp).
The surrounding genteel neighbourhood is more residential than food and drink focused.
MUSEUM Van Gogh Museum Offline map Google map ( 570 52 00; www.vangoghmuseum.nl; P
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