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imc-ip.pt Rua da Madre de Deus 4 adult/child 5/free 2-6pm Tue, 10am-6pm Wed-Sun Top Tips ? If you’re on a budget, visit on Sunday when entry is free until 2pm.
? The permanent collection is huge – allow two to three hours to do the museum justice.
Take a Break Lodged in the former refectory, the museum cafe (snacks & mains 5-9) is smothered in 19th-century culinary azulejos – rabbits, chickens, fish and the like.
It opens onto a leafy courtyard and is an atmospheric place for a coffee and crêpe or lunch special.
EMI CRISTEA/DREAMSTIME.com Belém In Belém, Atlantic breezes, grandiose nautical monuments and boats gliding along the wide Rio Tejo cast you back to those pioneering days of the Age of Discovery, when the world was Portugal’s colonial oyster.
And at dusk, when the crowds subside and the softening light paints the monastery’s Manueline turrets gold, this riverside neighbourhood is yours alone for the exploring.
Top Sights Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Museu Colec??o Berardo Best of Lisbon Azulejos Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Churches, Castles & Palaces Igreja Santa Maria de Belém Contemporary Art & Design Museu Colec??o Berardo For Kids Museu Marinha Museu Nacional dos Coches Pastelarias & Cafes Antiga Confeitaria de Belém Getting There Tram The easiest, quickest and most scenic way to reach Belém from downtown Lisbon.
Tram 15 runs from Pra?a da Figueira to Belém via Alcantara (around a 30-minute journey).
Tram 18 runs from Cais do Sodré to Ajuda.
Bus Bus 28 operates frequently (several hourly) between Belém and central Lisbon, stopping in Pra?a do Comércio and Cais do Sodré.
The Sights in a Day Rise early and make straight for Belém’s blockbuster sight, the sublime Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Click here ), to have the Manueline church and cloister (almost) to yourself.
Next up, take a right royal stroll around the Museu Nacional dos Coches (Click here ), a little girl’s dream of fairy-tale carriages.
For lunch, go alfresco at one of the park-facing bistros on Rua Vieira Portuense.
Your afternoon begins artily with Warhol, Picasso, Miró et al at the contemporary Museu Colec??o Berardo .
Spend the rest of the afternoon rolling with the waves of Portugal’s grand maritime past by following the riverfront Age of Discovery itinerary on Click here .
Catch a classic sunset over the Rio Tejo sipping drinks on the laid-back terrace of Bar 38° 41’ (Click here ) at the Doca do Bom Sucesso.
Wind down your day with imaginative Portuguese cuisine at the Michelin-starred Feitoria (Click here ) nearby, or head back into town for wine and nibbles at the intimate Enoteca de Belém .
Belém Top Sights Mosteiro dos Jerónimos C3 Museu Colec??o Berardo B3 Sights 1 Torre de Belém A4 2 Padr?o dos Descobrimentos C4 3 Museu Nacional dos Coches D3 4 Museu da Marinha B3 5 Museu Nacional de Arqueologia B3 6 Jardim do Ultramar C2 Eating 7 Antiga Confeitaria de Belèm C3 8 Feitoria B4 9 Floresta C3 10Asso?iac?o Naval de Lisboa C3 11Bem Belém C3 12P?o P?o Queijo Queijo C3 Drinking 13Enoteca de Belém C3 14Belém Bar Café E3 15Bar 38° 41' B4 16Absolut Club B4 Entertainment 17Centro Cultural de Belém B3 Shopping Loja CCB (see 18) 18Original Lisboa C3 Arte Periférica (see 18) Top Sights Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Diogo de Boitaca’s creative vision and King Manuel I’s gold-laden coffers gave rise to this fantasy fairy tale of OFFLINE MAP a monastery, founded in 1501 to trumpet Vasco da GOOGLE MAP Gama’s discovery of a sea route to India.
Now a www.mosteirojeronimos.pt Unesco World Heritage Site, Jerónimos was once Pra?a do Império populated by monks of the Order of St Jerome, whose adult/child 6/free spiritual job for four centuries was to comfort sailors 10am-6pm Tue-Sun and pray for the king’s soul.
When the order was 15, 28 dissolved in 1833, the monastery was used as a school and orphanage until about 1940.
IMAGE SOURCE/CORBIS Don’t Miss Igreja Santa Maria de Belém Entering the church through the western portal, you’ll notice tree-trunklike columns growing into the ceiling, itself a spiderweb of stone.
Navigator Vasco da Gama is interred in the lower chancel, left of the entrance, opposite 16th-century poet Luís Vaz de Cam?es.
From the upper choir is a superb view of the church; the rows of seats are Portugal’s first Renaissance woodcarvings.
Cloister The honey-stone Manueline cloister drips with organic detail in its delicately scalloped arches, twisting auger-shell turrets and columns intertwined with leaves, vines and knots.
Pick out symbols of the age like the armillary sphere and the cross of the Military Order, plus gargoyles and fantastical beasties on the upper level.
Chapter House & Refectory Vines, flowers, cherubs and reliefs of St Jerome and St Bernard frame the Chapter House’s 16th-century portal holding the tomb of Portuguese historian Alexandre Herculano.
In the vaulted refectory, 18th-century azulejo (tile) panels depict the miracle of the loaves and fishes and scenes from the life of Joseph.
António Campelo’s evocative mural shows the Adoration of the Shepherds.
South Portal A riot of pinnacles and lacy stonework, the South Portal is the elaborate handiwork of 16th-century architect Jo?o de Castilho.
The figure of Nossa Senhora de Belém (Our Lady of Bethlehem) sits surrounded by apostles, prophets and angels.
Note Henry the Navigator, high on a pedestal, and the tympanum above the door, revealing scenes from the life of St Jerome.
Top Tips ? Arrive early or late to appreciate the monastery at its serene best.
? Bone up on the monastery’s history in the timeline room on the upper level of the cloister.
? Visit on Sunday when entry is free until 2pm.
Take a Break Just a couple of steps away is the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém (Click here ), serving Lisbon’s best custard tarts with a slice of nostalgia.
An appealing lunch spot with park views from its patio is Floresta .
Top Sights Museu Colec??o Berardo What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? Bankrolled by Portugal’s biggest art collector and billionaire, José OFFLINE MAP Berardo, this gallery can hold its own with the Tates GOOGLE MAP and Guggenheims of this world.
Yet, incredibly, it is www.museuberardo.pt still off the must-see sightseeing radar.
Dadaism, Pra?a do Império minimalism, kinetic art, surrealism and conceptualism; admission free works by Picasso, Dubuffet, Warhol, Yves Klein, 10am-7pm Pollock, Miró and Lichtenstein – this mind-blowing 15, 28 collection spans the entire spectrum of modern and contemporary art, from 1960 to 2010.
Go today.
FORGET-GAUTIER/ALAMY Don’t Miss British & American Pop Art Race back to the 1950s and ’60s contemplating pop art masterpieces from both sides of the pond.
Warhol’s silk-screened portrait of Judy Garland, Ten Foot Flowers, Brillo Box tower and Campbell’s Soup steal the limelight.
Look too for David Hockney’s Picture Emphasising Stillness and Lichtenstein’s Interior with Restful Painting.
Cubism & Dadaism Several abstract pieces by Picasso, daddy of cubism, are on display, among them his early 20th-century Tête de Femme and Femme dans un Fauteuil .
The anti-war Dadaists also sought to break with conventional art
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