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痵 ArtFestival and the Yi-lan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival (www.yicfff.tw/2013/en;adult/child NT$600/300) in nearby Yilan County.
The Ferris wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park (www.miramar.com.tw; tickets NT$200; 11am-11pm; m Jiannan Rd) is just across from Jiannan Rd MRT.
The rules for when children get discount tickets vary.
Sometimes it is based on height (which also varies from 90cm to150cm) and sometimes age (under 12).
Also popular with visiting families are Land Bank Exhibition Hall , Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum (Click here), Taipei 101 , Bopiliao , Taipei Expo Park and National Taiwan Science EducationCentre .
Live Music Wall Live House LIVE MUSIC(www.thewall.com.tw; B1, 200 Roosevelt Rd, Sec 4, Shida; 8pm-late; Gongguan) The cavernous Wall is Taipei’s premier venue for independent music, both local and international.
Check www.gigguide.tw for an English list of upcoming shows.
Riverside Live House LIVE MUSICMAP GOOGLE MAP (Hé’àn Liúyán; www.riverside.com.tw; 177 Xining S Rd; Ximen) One of Taipei’s best live music venues, the800-seat Riverside sits at the back of the historic Red House in Ximending.
Acts range from localMandopop (Mandarin pop music) to jazz and straight-on rock and roll.
See www.gigguide.tw foran English list of upcoming events.
Revolver LIVE MUSICMAP GOOGLE MAP (www.facebook.com/revolver.
taipei; 1-2 Roosevelt Rd, Sec 1; noon-3am Mon-Thu, to 5am Fri & Sat, to 1am Sun; ;Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall) One of Taipei’s liveliest spots at the time of writing, this British-runbar/pub/dance club (and cafe during the day) is a great place to catch a live music act, hang out,play pool and drink cheap beer.
TAV Cafe LIVE MUSICMAP GOOGLE MAP (Yìshù Cūn Cān Fang; www.tavcafe.com; 7 Beiping E Rd; noon-2am Tue-Sun; ) For live foreign jazz and folkmusic most weekends check out this small bar/cafe inside the Taipei Artist Village (TAV).
TAVhas a surprisingly large garden area out back with lots of trees for shade during the day.
Talk to A-Liang if you want the scoop on the local music scene.
See the website for upcoming events Bobwundaye LIVE MUSIC(Wú Wèntí; http://bobwundaye.
blogspot.tw; 77 Heping E Rd, Sec 3; 7pm-2am Mon-Sat; ; Liuzhangli) This laid-back, foreign-run neighbourhood bar (the name means ‘no problem’) features regular live music,both local and international, and sees a similarly mixed crowd.
See the website for events.
Blue Note JAZZ MAP GOOGLE MAP (Lándiào; 4th fl, 171 Roosevelt Rd, Sec 3; 7.
30pm-1am; Taipower Building, Exit 3) Taipei’s longest-running jazzclub, Blue Note has been in the same location since 1978.
Brown Sugar Live & Restaurant JAZZMAP GOOGLE MAP (www.brownsugarlive.com; 101 Songren Rd, Xinyi; noon-2.
30am; ; Taipei City Hall) A bit hidden off SongrenRd is Taipei’s pre-eminent club for R & B and jazz mixes.
Brown Sugar hosts local house andguest musicians from around the world.
Wednesday is Ladies Night.
Chinese Opera & Theatre Venues Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum PERFORMING ARTSMAP GOOGLE MAP (Línliǔxīn Jìniàn ǒuxì Bówùguǎn; www.taipeipuppet.com; 78 Xining N Rd; museum adult/child NT$80/50; 10am-5pm Tue-Sun; Zhongshan) A combination interactive museum, workshop and theatre, this complex is a must-visitfor anyone interested in traditional performing arts.
For starters, the Asian puppet collection hereis the largest in the world.
There are also two puppetry troupes who regularly perform both hereand internationally.
All performances have English subtitles projected on a screen.
At the time of writing a new 90-seat indoor theatre was almost ready to open.
See the informative English website for dates and times of shows.
Dadaocheng Theatre OPERAMAP GOOGLE MAP (Dàdàochéng Xìyuàn; www.facebook.com/dadaochen2011; 8th & 9th fl, 21 Dihua St, Sec 1; 9am-5.
30pm Tue-Sun; Zhongshan) Above the Yongle Market, this theatre regularly holds performances of Taiwanese opera.in May and June they host free shows in the outside square.
To find the lifts to the 8th floor, lookfor the entrance to the right as you face the market.
Taipei Comedy Club COMEDYMAP GOOGLE MAP (Kǎmǐdì Xǐjù Jūlèbù; 2764 5529; www.comedy.com.tw; 20 Lane 553, Zhongxiao E Rd, Sec 4, Xinyi; 6pm-1am Wed-Mon; Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall) At Taipei’s only comedy club, shows are a mixed bag of Chinese andEnglish, funny and not so.
But a night here is usually good for a few laughs.
Admission is typicallyNT$250 to NT$400 and includes a free drink.
Wednesday is open mike (starts at 8pm, NT$100minimum purchase).
Taipei Eye PERFORMING ARTSMAP GOOGLE MAP (Táiběi Xìpéng; 2568 2677; www.taipeieye.com; 113 Zhongshan N Rd, Sec 2; tickets NT$880; Shuanglian) Taipei Eyeshowcases Chinese opera together with other rotating performances, including puppet theatre andaboriginal dance.
This is a tourist show but is well regarded and booking can be done online in English.
There are three to four shows weekly, usually starting around 8pm.
National Theatre & Concert Hall CONCERT VENUEMAP GOOGLE MAP (Guójiā Xìjù Yuàn, Guójiā Yīnyuè Tīng; 3393 9888; www.ntch.
edu.tw; Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall) Located insideLiberty Plaza, the National Theatre and Concert Hall hosts large-scale concerts and cultural eventsincluding dances, musicals, Chinese and Western opera and concerts of Chinese and Westernclassical and popular music.
The halls, completed in 1987, were among the first major performance venues built in Asia.
Taipei Arena PERFORMANCE SPACEMAP GOOGLE MAP (Táiběi Xiǎo Jù Dàn; www.taipeiarena.com.tw; Nanjing E Rd) Vast, cavernous and shaped like a flying saucer,the Taipei Arena hosts concerts, sporting events and noteworthy performances.
Check out thewebsite for the latest schedule.
Cinemas Ximending is the place to head for a large variety of movies, where there’s a cluster of movietheatres along Wucheng St.
Other leading multiplexes are at Vie Show Cinemas MAP GOOGLE MAP (WēiXiù Yǐng Chéng; www.vscinemas.com.tw; 20 Songshou Rd, Xinyi; Taipei City Hall) in Xinyi District and BreezeCentre’s Ambassador Theatre MAP GOOGLE MAP (Guóbīn Yǐngchéng; www.ambassador.com.tw; 39 Fuxing N Rd, Sec 1; Zhongxiao Fuxing).
Taipei’s most respected art-house cinema is SPOT – Taipei Film House MAP GOOGLE MAP (GuāngdǐanTáiběi; ext 400 2511 7786; www.spot.org.tw; 18 Zhongshan N Rd, Sec 2; movies NT$260; 11am-10pm;Zhongshan), an excellent cinema with a bookshop and an indoor/outdoor cafe.
The building, alandmark that dates back to 1925, was once the home of the US ambassador.
There is also a branchof SPOT at Huashan 1914 Creative Park .
Shopping With its endless markets, back-alley emporiums, speciality shops and glittering shopping malls,Taipei offers the complete gamut of shops and shopping experiences.
Go local and you can’t gowrong.
Taiwan has a rich tradition of wood, ceramic, metal and glass production and youngdesigners are now pushing the envelope with everything from clothing and stationery to tea sets.
Agricultural products, from organic teas and coffees to dark sesame oil, pineapple cakes andtropical fruit jams, are also superb.
For an endless list of places to shop, check out the One Town One Product (http://otop.tw) website.
Hakka Blue CERAMICSMAP GOOGLE MAP (Kèjiā Lán; www.hakka-blue.c
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